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DIB - Direct Ice Blasting

We're as cold as ice!



DIB was an exciting brief to work with. Not only was it related to something unique in the building trade it was also somewhat niche due to how expensive the equipment is to buy. The project was a full landing page build along with an accompaning logo design.

"JustCustom were great to work with and delivered the project in super quick time in order for me to get the ball rolling on my new company"



The challenge here was to create something that related to the client's other brands. Along with owning Direct Ice Blasting, they also owned Direct Building Services and Direct Plumbing Services and we wanted to match this as much to give a consistent feel throughout the brands.



The solution was to take his existing logo and essentially give it some tiny detail such as a colour coordinated letter. We produced both a white and black version. As for the website, we thought this could be an awesome time to make something unique which is where we came up with a snow-like effect for the background, that was animated. The design mainly came from the client but we managed to help out by suggesting awesome design tweaks.