The JustCustom Logo

ECP - Exclusive Car Plates

Exclusively good!



ECP was an exciting brief to work with. Not only was it related to cars but something unique and niche, in a way. The project was simple - produce a logo that would express the brand in a unique way but still relating to cars. Remove the dull corproteness and bring in a fresh lick of paint.

"JustCustom were great to work with and delivered the project in super quick time in order for me to get the ball rolling on my new company"



The challenge really was to step the brand away from a corporate-type identity. Comparing the copius amount of private number plate dealers out there, many contained bland and boring designs. We wanted to make this fun. It was more getting away from the cliche registration plates.



The solution was to base the logo around a car-based theme - wheels. We needed a colour scheme and a blue and red gradient was perfect. The blue compliments the professional aspect whilst the red provides some excitement into the design. Simple but effective.